Tribute Management

As the holidays approach, donors may be considering alternate gift-giving ideas, and giving a tribute gift might fit their needs perfectly. Over the next few weeks, we will cover the various pieces needed to manage tribute gifts within Enterprise.

Tribute gifts are donations given in honor or in memory of a person. Tribute records are created in the database so that you can track tribute details, such as who the gift honors and who should be notified that the gift was given.
Sometimes a tribute record is created from an existing account within the database. Other times the tribute record is not related to an account in the database and must be created as a new account. A single gift can be made in tribute to more than one person, and a tribute may be given by a single person or by a group of people, for example a family or a group of employees from a company.

Each tribute account may have multiple notified parties. Notified parties are individuals or organizations personally connected to the tribute that are notified when a tribute gift is made. Notified parties, similar to tribute accounts, must have their own independent account. You must first create a tribute record before you can create a notified party record. Also, a tribute and its associated notified parties MUST be created before a tribute gift can be processed.

ENTERPRISE System Set up Requirements

Some settings need to be evaluated for tribute management to work. Depending on your organization’s business practices, some of these set up items may not be required.

1. Note Types Code Table (FRNTETAB)
Create a note type that will be used on the Bio Tab in the Tribute Management Window.

2. Donor Role Category Code Table (FRDNSTAB)
Create a Donor Role Category that will be assigned to a tribute donor.

3. Account Status Code Table (FRDCTTAB)
Create a Donor Status to represent a Tribute Only Donor.

Notes created on the Bio tab in the Tribute Management Window will default to this note type.
Donor Role Category assigned to a tribute donor.
Donor Status to represent a Tribute Only Donor.
Tribute Type for Gift Acquisition. Used to set generic "your anniversary" as the tribute account.
Tribute Type for Gift Acquisition. Used to set generic "your birthday" as the tribute account.