Save Time with Selection Management: Alias Column Names

Do you regularly use Selection Management and end up updating the column headers in your Excel file each time to something relevant to your site?  You can save yourself time by making those column name changes just once in the Import/Export Layout Transfer Fields table (frtrnfld) via the Table of Tables.

Code Table

This table includes all fields that can be used in a Selection Management layout. It can be filtered by Selection Type and/or by Output field Table Name, Column Name, or Description.

The Output File Column Heading column is editable. After your upgrade to Enterprise 8.10 or later, the field will be set to the same value as the Column Description field for all rows; going forward, new columns added to Selection Management will also be set to the Column Description. Update this field to the text that should be used as the column name in the output file, up to 100 characters.


Note that while the Print icon is enabled on the Import/Export Layout Fields window, the table contains over 10,000 rows, so use the print feature with caution. When the window is filtered, only the visible fields will print.

Next, on the Export File Layout window, where you specify the Selection Management layout, click on the Use Alias Column Names checkbox.


(Note that if the Field Names checkbox remains unchecked, the output file will not contain column names, even if Use Alias Column Names is checked.)

When this layout is used, the resulting output file will have the alias names as column names:

Output file