[TIME SAVER] Creating a Gift Acquisition Template

Last week’s Buzz talked about the use of Gift Acquisition Templates to save time and ensure consistency in Gift Acquisition processing. This week we’ll walk through the steps of creating the template.

The Gift Acquisition Template is created in a new or open gift acquisition. The create option is found under the File menu when you have an acquisition open:


To start from scratch, you would create a new acquisition, setup the name (description), layout, data file (even though you won’t use it in the future) and execution defaults on Step 1.


Move to Step 2, saving when prompted, and setup basic defaults:


Move to Step 3, saving when prompted, and check off the first few of the initial execution steps:


Now use the ‘Create Acquisition Template’ option from the File menu to save.

Name your template when prompted:


Your new Gift Acquisition template is now available to use, as described in last week’s Buzz.



You will find all the choices made in the template now exist on all three Steps. You can update where required, either replacing some options, or adding options on Steps 1 & 2.