Did you know that a company can give their employees the option to pay off their Payroll Deduction pledge in one lump sum? They can even decide to have the money taken from only 1 paycheck!

Here's how:

For example, if a company pays its staff 24 times a year, 24 would be the Number of Pay Periods that should appear on the e-pledge webpage.
(You can store the Default Number of Pay Periods on the company account profile > General tab > Numbers subtab, or you can save each employee's number of pay periods on their employment relationship.)

By introducing a new question on the webpage and asking for "Number of Deductions to Make," the donor can decide the number of times they want money deducted from their paycheck – such as 24 or 1. The donor can see a drop-down for choosing the number of deductions that works for them.

For details on how to do this, see the following online documentation.

Pay close attention to the web options named "Number of deductions changeable" and "If changeable, number of possible deductions" (in the "Pledge Entry – Payroll Deduction" web option group).