Call Attention to Critical Account Information with Alert Notes

As we continue social distancing and working safely from our homes, keeping everyone up to date on important information on your donor accounts is even more critical. Alert Notes can help as another form of notifications.

What do you do with the information you need all staff to know? It may be that a major donor will only talk to the Director of Development and no one else. Maybe it's that a board member will only answer to one nickname. Or it may be about an overdue pledge that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. If you have information that is critical to how you communicate with a donor or handle their gifts, use an Alert Note to notify everyone accessing that account.

Alert Notes pop up in a new window when you open an account through Account Management, Account Overview, and Gift Entry. But use caution when using Alert Notes. Too many unnecessary alerts may cause your colleagues to disregard them before reading if they do not think the information will be important.


Any Note can be made into an Alert Note by checking the Alert box on the Note.


Alternatively, you can make all Notes entered as a specific Note Type an Alert by checking the Alert box on the Note Type in the Note Types Table (FRNTETAB). Go to File > Open > Data Management > Code Tables to find the Note Types Table.