This webinar is for organizations that do not currently use Andar e-Pledge and would like to learn more about the module.

Webinar: A Community Crisis: How to Respond Quickly and Provide Support FastHow prepared is your organization to receive and distribute funds to its community if an emergency occurs?

When a crisis arises and disrupts society (like the coronavirus pandemic we are facing now, or an earthquake, or a hurricane), it's of utmost importance for nonprofits and charities to jump into action right away. Why is it vital for your organization to respond quickly during a crisis? It shows that you are in touch with the needs of your community. It demonstrates to the public that you are agile and ready to face unchartered challenges. More importantly, responding quickly to a crisis is your responsibility; it's what the public expects and needs from you.

This webinar covers:

  • Why it's important to distribute your emergency funds locally
  • How a database that is integrated with Andar e-Pledge can get you immediate results
  • How you can collect donations quickly and have the funds available right away
  • How you can distribute funds to charities in need without delays
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[Webinar Recording] A Community Crisis
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