[Webinar] Online Pledges: Adapting to the Changing Fundraising Landscape


Online Pledges: Adapting to the Changing Fundraising Landscape

Date: Tuesday, May 12, 2020
Time: 2:00 - 2:45 PM EDT
Cost: Free

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Work habits have drastically changed in the last few weeks for many companies due to the coronavirus pandemic. Those employees that can work from home do not go into the office. Those employees that must continue to physically go into work, do so with new physical distancing rules in place. What do all these changes mean for your corporate appeals and fall campaign strategies?

In the next few months, your organization will have to adapt its workplace appeals approach. Workplace campaign kickoff meetings will be very different. Paper pledges, which are still commonly used in many companies, may need to be entirely replaced by an online pledging approach. Since there will be a higher number of incoming online pledges than there typically are, you will need to adapt your process to set up your organization for success.

This webinar will review the following online pledging tactics:

  • The different online donor authentication methods that are available in Andar e-Pledge (email with a link, single sign-on, and registrant role) to uncover the one that is the most effective to use
  • The various modes of giving in Andar e-Pledge (multi-step pledging, shopping cart pledging, and single page pledging) to determine the best method for you to offer donors
  • How to launch 'Campaign 1-2-3 Easy' using Andar e-Pledge

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Eric Crammond, Director of Business Development at Andar Software.

It’s Eric’s privilege and life’s work to serve United Ways with their technology needs. Starting in the rural Midwest and later moving to Urban Washington DC, Eric’s Social Work career has spanned from direct service drug counseling and case management to macro-level strategic planning for the long-term success of nonprofit organizations.