Campaign 1-2-3-Easy is part of e-Pledge. It is designed to automate registrations and the setup of e-Pledge campaigns. The Campaign 1-2-3-Easy feature contains a Campaign Registration Page and a Customization Page.

The Campaign Registration Page allows new organizations that are interested in running e-Pledge campaigns to register online. Organizations will provide information such as name and address, contact person, the number of employees, etc. The campaign registrations will be reviewed by the Fundraiser and approved in Andar, then all the information provided will be recorded in Andar for the organization accounts. An automatic email will be sent to the individual who performed the registration when their campaign registration application has been approved so they can get started on their e-Pledge campaign.

The Customization Page is intended to automate and simplify the e-Pledge campaign process for the Fundraiser and also give organizations more control over the content displayed on their pledging webpages. Organizations will decide when to start a campaign and when to end a campaign. Web Envelopes, User IDs, passwords, and Role for the administrator login will be created automatically when they start a campaign.

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