If you have the Credit Card and ACH Processing module (CCAP), Andar/360 includes an optional feature called PCI Compliance that you can use. To enable PCI Compliance, you must also have a contract with CyberSource (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Visa). With PCI Compliance enabled, your donors' personal credit card information is more safely tucked away in CyberSource (instead of in Andar/360).

When choosing your settings in CyberSource's Business Center website, one of the options dictates whether or not you require matching the address that gets entered with the donor's payment against the bill-to address that is associated with the cardholder. It is possible to tell CyberSource to "Ignore Address Verification Results." (This is an option in the set up of the CyberSource Secure Acceptance Profile, and some customers have historically chosen this option because they thought they might not always have a valid address.)

Today's Safety Tip: It is safest NOT to ignore the address verification results. Instead, force/require the donor to provide the correct address of the cardholder. Further, it is also wise to Turn ON Andar/360's web option titled "Do Not Pre-Populate Address." While it requires additional typing by the online donor, it is undoubtedly a valuable option for the prevention of credit card fraud.

Visit Customer Support to learn more about PCI compliance and CyberSource.

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