Lori Rowley-Hurley
Director of Donor Operations
United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg
Richmond, VA, USA



How long have you been working for your organization?

22 years.

What’s a typical day in your role like?

Customer service is always the highest priority. Our Donor Operations department oversees processing revenue, agency eligibility, agency portal, designated disbursements, maintenance in Andar, and support to other departments. With these responsibilities comes an array of emails and phone calls from our supporters, as well as staff. Donor Operations works closely with our Resource Development and Accounting teams. Some days are predictable; lots of days are not.

What motivates you to come to work every day?

We empower individuals and drive systemic change to provide everyone with a clear path to success — and I’m part of this effort! I’m amazed by the passion and talent of our staff, and the dedication and commitment of our CEO.

What’s your favorite aspect of your job?

I have a few favorites!

When a supporter comes to my attention, helping the individual through the United Way process, and highlighting accountability and transparency. Knowing our conversation will end with the importance of their satisfaction with United Way is a favorite aspect.

Donor Operations encompasses a large area, and we consistently revamp and streamline to better align for change that occurs within other departments. I love to find solutions.

Our United Way has the fortunate opportunity to work with the local college, Virginia Commonwealth University, through the Federal Work-Study Program. Building and maintaining relationships with the students and watching as they grow professionally is another one of my favorite aspects.

What are your biggest professional challenges?

The most significant barrier would be third-party processing. We are not always supplied details of either the individuals or the entire company campaign.


Above: Lori baked all of these delicious goodies for her loved ones at a family gathering.

If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor? Can you tell us why?

My family members are my mentors. My husband is compassionate, trustworthy, and smart. At one point, I was their mentor; now, my children are mentors to me. They are passionately doing what they love. Our conversations are engaging, and our support for each other is constant.

What’s your personal mantra?

Instead of being motivated by a phrase, I like to take action by baking. I enjoy making goodies when someone is needing a little extra care or just because I can.


Above: If you work with Lori, you know she's an avid baker. Lori made and took these cupcakes into work for her co-workers to enjoy.

Do you have hobbies outside of work? What are they?

Staying healthy, antiquing, traveling, and being my husband's buddy at sporting events.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Homemade chocolate chip cookies, PBS, and black and white movies!




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