New in Service Pack 2020.01, we are upgrading e-Community to use Tomcat 9. Tomcat is the software that sits between Andar and the internet. It’s used by Andar e-Community (including e-Pledge, A&O, e-Volunteer, i-Attend, i-Access, and e-Newsletters).

You MUST upgrade your web-server to Tomcat 9 in order to use Andar/360 v2020.01.

The new Andar/360 release will not be able to run on Tomcat 8. Please note that you can have both Tomcat versions installed on the same server.

You have two Tomcat 9 upgrade options:

  1. Self Serve: Install the service yourself by following these step by step instructions. You can download Tomcat 9 here.
  2. Full Serve: Andar Software can provide complete upgrade and transition support when the 2020.01 service pack is released. To request more information about this service, click below.

Receive Upgrade Help