Transcript of Video

Customer Success Story

Project: Text Donations at Events
Solution: Andar Texting

Customer: United Way of Central Minnesota, Minnesota, USA
Featuring: Chris Gutterud, Data Systems Manager


Hi, my name is Christopher Gutterud. I am the Data Systems Manager at United Way of Central Minnesota.


Aside from emails, how do you gather donor data?

We’re actually collecting cell phone numbers and we’re utilizing that in our system. We can now go to an event, and say, “Text the keyword to our number 85511.” They’ll send the text, they’ll get an automatic link back to them to go to our webpage and make a donation for what we just talked about at that event.

We had fair success in our first attempt at this. At our spring celebration we had over one hundred people respond of the two hundred and fifty people that attended. So, it was a great success for us to have that response of people that actually took their phone out and texted the keyword. It’s something we had in the past with Mobile Cause, but now it’s all through us and all through Andar — and we can track it, and it’s in our system, and we can use that.

How do you use the new donor information?

In the other platform we had, we only knew if they gave. We would never know if they went out to the webpage. We would never be able to track, you know, sometimes you get people that go out there and say, “I’m going to do it a little bit later. I’m going to actually donate later.” We now can track how many people actually went to the webpage, and then they can see how many people actually donated from that. So, we have traction, not just about the dollars, we have the traction of who has the interest, which puts them on that donor journey saying you cared; we’re going to use that information down the road. Even if you didn’t donate this time, of those hundred, even if they didn’t donate, now they’re on that journey that says, “We care about food for children in the summer time,” whatever that event that we do it at is at, and that’s what we had it for.