In the Andar payout, by default all payroll donors from the same company (or group of companies related by Billing Relationships) have their designations paid at the same rate. This default dates back to the 90s when payroll payments were always batched as a cost-effective way to process, and the designated nonprofits shared pledge loss.

Today it is not uncommon to have a company send detailed information about the payroll payment, i.e. how much was deducted from each employee’s paycheck. But simply keying/importing the payroll payments on the employee accounts is not enough to have Andar payout each payroll donor’s designations based their own payments. You must add a processing option to tell Andar to not prorate payroll payments for this company.

Follow this link for an explanation of the processing options. Look for:

  • Prorate all payroll payments (PAPP)
  • Payout on Employee Received Percentage (POER)
  • Payout on Employee and Batch Received Percentage (POEBR)

And check out this project for an attachment in the project notes, with detailed examples of what happens when the different processing options are applied.

It’s important to understand that you must payout a company the same way for the full campaign year cycle. If a company starts sending you detailed payroll payment information in August, Andar will not prorate batch payments from Jan – July and then use detailed payments for Aug – Dec.