Stay Current By Using Notifications

No matter what position you hold in a nonprofit, keeping informed of events in a campaign is essential. Whether you need to have current figures at the ready, or want to be informed if a particular Prospect has donated, ENTERPRISE can help you stay current via Notifications.

Notifications offer you the opportunity to be automatically notified of events that take place within ENTERPRISE. From the My ENTERPRISE window, you can quickly review your notifications and from those, the account, gift, project, etc. that prompted the notification.


More specifically, Notifications allow for a message to be generated for a user when a specific event occurs in ENTERPRISE, such as a new Customer Service Request, a gift from a particular donor, or a gift for a particular Project code.

To manage your notifications, click the My Notifications hyperlink on the My ENTERPRISE screen. The My Notifications window will then open.


The following options are available on this window:

  • View Notifications: Opens the selected notifications. Once a Notification is opened, the Notification Status automatically changes to Viewed, but the status can be modified:


  • Close Notifications: Changes the Notification Status to "Closed" for the selected notifications.
  • Delete Notifications: Deletes the selected Notification record(s).
  • Open Related Window: Double clicking a Notification opens the window most appropriate for viewing details about a particular notification; for instance, clicking on a notification for a gift opens the Transaction Detail window:


While notifications are a convenient time-saver that allows you to keep up-to-date information at your fingertips, their intrinsic value is even clearer when you consider how they can be tailored to the needs of a specific user. Notifications can be customized at the time of set up. We'll discuss setting up Notification Subscriptions to take advantage of this functionality in next week's Buzz.