Who remembers playing Tetris in the 90s? Almost every computer had the game installed, so chances are you've come across it. The basis of the game was that square tiles would fall from the sky in different formations, and the player would have to make them fit as they fell, like a puzzle piece, without leaving any holes.

Well, Andar hasn't come out with a remake of the game — although maybe we should! — but you can think of Tetris as you customize your dashboards. Roll over the rectangular shape with the three rectangles on the inside, and you'll see the text "Show icons (enable editing of apps)." Clicking on that icon will make icons appear on the top right of each of the dashboard sections. Click on them to adapt the height and width of each container, and much more.

Become a dashboard pro by reading the Andar Tutorial in Customer Support, "How To Create and Use the Dashboards (Andar 2019.01)."

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