Pledges and designation payments can come in many forms. They can be made directly from the donor to his/her designated account, they can be from his/her organization to the designated account, or they can come from a third-party processor to the designated account.

How should you record those pledges and payments and designations while making sure that:

  1. Andar will not create a Balance Due for the donor, and
  2. The envelope Deposit will exclude that payment in the check-and-balance process, and
  3. The Donor Choice Payout Process will not count that designation when determining the payable amounts for that designated agency?

We have an answer for you! On the pledge/payment transaction, use one of the two Pay Direct Payment types within Andar, “Pass Through” or “No Admin. Pay Direct.” Always make sure that:

  • The pledge is fully designated
  • The pledge and payment amounts are equal to each other (and are also equal to the total of the pay-direct designation)
  • The pledge doesn’t include any non-pay-direct designations

Learn more about “Pay Direct and Paid Direct” from the Help Glossary, and visit the link below to see how one United Way entered someone’s pledge that was being paid directly to the designated agency.

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