Avoid Communication Mishaps with Decease Processing

To avoid communication mishaps with your supporters and their family, like mailing an appeal to a deceased donor, update ENTERPRISE accounts as you learn that someone has passed away. ENTERPRISE has a Decease Processing feature that changes the account's status to Deceased, but also makes other adjustments depending on how involved the person was with your organization or if there is another name on the account. Follow these steps to decease an account.
With the account open, go up to the very top menu bar and choose File > Decease Account for...


The Decease Account window will appear. The Name Indicator will default to Primary Name but can be changed to Additional Name if that person on the account has passed way. Enter the Deceased Date. Notification Date and Confirmation Date will auto populate to the current date but can be edited to reflect when you found out of the donor's passing. Source is a site defined field. The values in this drop down list display from the Decease Notification Source Codes Table (FRDCNTAB). Use this Source to record how you found out about the person's passing, e.g. from a newspaper obituary, a family member, returned mail, etc.


Assuming there is only one name on the account or both names are deceased, Decease Processing will make the following changes:

  • Set the Account Status to Deceased
  • Update the deceased information in Extended Bio
  • Create a deceased Note and send to all active staff on active project assignments in Prospect Management
  • Set end dates and change the status to inactive on Committee, Interest, Volunteer Roles, Relationships, Donor Roles
  • Inactivate any assigned Prospect Management projects
  • Add the word "Deceased" at the end of the account title bar with the name

If there are two names on the account and the Primary Name is deceased, ENTERPRISE will update the formal name, update the title, and flip the names and name flags throughout the account so the Additional Name becomes the Primary Name.

A few things to remember:

  • There is no un-decease process in ENTERPRISE. Double check that you are deceasing the correct account (not a junior, another family member, or neighbor with the same name) and their passing was confirmed.
  • Remember to exclude deceased accounts in your Selection Management selection criteria and NETQuery queries, especially when running mailing lists.
  • Keep security in mind - the Decease Account menu item can be secured so that a limited number of staff are able to make these changes.