Enterprise Quick Export

There are three speedy ways to gather information, and to export it for manipulation or printing. Find out what they are below.

The three options are:

  • The Light Bulb
  • Export to Excel
  • Export to Word


The Light Bulb

Buzz_QuickExport5.pngWhen you are navigating throughout ENTERPRISE certain windows will have a light bulb on the top left hand of the toolbar. This light bulb only appears when it’s applicable.

This is extremely useful when searching for individuals or companies with a certain donor role, committee, or interest, when you need a list of those who have given to a specific designation, or when you need a list of everyone within a certain complete structure.

When you see the light bulb, click it!


Once you have the Light Bulb results you can click on the Excel Icon on the ENTERPRISE toolbar. This will export the data to Excel.


The Excel Export

Though you use the Excel Export functionality to export the list that the Light Bulb generates, you will also see the Excel icon appear other places throughout ENTERPRISE. Most commonly the Excel icon appears on inquiry windows to make it easy to export your query results.



The Word Template

When looking at an account you may see the Microsoft Word icon on the toolbar. If you select this button you will be able to quickly extract the name and address information to be inserted into word in letter format.

First, find an account in ENTERPRISE. Then click on the Word icon in the toolbar. A window will appear here. You may select the address that you wish to use here, and even a Word template if you have one stored on your workstation.


You can also copy addresses, phone numbers, FRIDs, address labels, and more with a simple right mouse click or from the Toolbar Edit dropdown.