What a week we had at the 2019 Andar Software Users Group Conference!

A giant thank you goes out to the customer committee. Your dedication and advice helped make this year's event as successful as it was. Thank you's go out to: Melissa Bennett, Stephanie Brockman, Melissa Bruck, Stephanie Burton, Danielle Carro, Pamela Cottle, Abbie Covenah, Sandra Higgins, Rosa Elia Jensen, Nikki Jepsen, Merline Leonce, Shasta Lockwood, Susan Piscitelli, Christopher Scalise, Nate Schuckers, Carolyn Shermer, Aness Symons, Robert Szarzynski, Dorianne Vogt, Naomi Young.

We had some excellent speakers who brought the session content to life. Their presentations inspired many and brought to light how powerful technology can be when it's used to its max potential.

Thank you to those who attended this year! We hope you increased your professional network, expanded your knowledge of Andar, and brought your career to new levels of growth.

We've put together some photos below of all the action. Enjoy!