End of Month Close Procedure

The End of Month Close procedure is a vital part of maintaining accuracy for your organization's records. Running it increments the current fiscal period by one month in the Sequence Code Table and also updates all tables that display month-to-date totals with current fiscal period totals. When run at the end of a fiscal year's twelfth month, it also increments the fiscal year.

Accessed through the Data Management menu, the End of Month Close procedure also initializes all month-to-date donation totals in the following code tables:

* Campaign Codes (frcaptab)
* Designation Codes (frdsgtab)
* Donor Roles (frdcttab and frdtytab)
* Gift Types (frtyptab)
* Membership Types (frmtytab)
* Program Codes (frprgtab)
* Program Level Codes (frdcltab)
* Project Codes (frprjtab)
* Source Codes (frsrctab)
* Sub-Source Codes (frsubtab)

It's imperative that this procedure is executed at a time when gifts and gift adjustments are not processed. You can schedule this procedure to run on its own at a time when users are not logged in.

Get instructions on how to run this procedure here.