Setting the Right 'Prior' and 'After' Date Ranges

When entering dates in ENTERPRISE, you may encounter a message like this:


What exactly does this mean?

In the ENTERPRISE Codes Table (File > Open > Data Management > Code Tables) the variables DAYS_PRIOR and DAYS_AFTER will cause windows to check gift related dates to see if they are more than the specified number of days in the past or future. If the date entered is outside the specified range, the user will get the warning message above. For example, if 1/14/2019 was entered into the deposit date and DAYS_PRIOR was set to 45, the user would get the warning because 1/14/2019 is more than 45 days prior to today's date. The warning will not prevent the user from continuing with the date entered.


It is advisable to keep these variables set to as low a number as possible without causing the warning to appear too frequently. For most sites, setting DAYS_PRIOR to a value of 60 and DAYS_AFTER to 30 is a large enough window. When DAYS_PRIOR is kept below a value of 365, users will get the warning if they mistakenly enter last year on a date early in the calendar year, when it is most common to enter an incorrect year.

If you do encounter this warning message, it is advisable to recheck the date entered to be sure it is accurate. It's also a great time to remind all users to read all messages that ENTERPRISE displays before clicking OK.