Adjustments to Pledges with Associated Payments

Adjustments are used to change completed financial transactions. Periodically, a change is required on a pledge that should also be applied to all of its previously processed payments. ENTERPRISE allows users to adjust all payments associated with a particular pledge when an adjustment is made to the pledge itself. Please note that this functionality applies to specific scenarios, discussed later in this email.

When a pledge with associated payments is adjusted, a window pops up, indicating that payments have been made toward that pledge and giving the user the option of adjusting them:


Select Yes and a new version of the Pledge Payment window will appear, listing all applicable pledge payments. To adjust one or more payments, click the checkboxes in the Select column, or use the Select All option at the top of the window (by default, no rows will be selected when the window first opens). The note from the pledge adjustment will be copied to this window and can be deleted or updated to appear on each pledge payment adjustment.

To begin processing your adjustments, click Adjust Selected Gifts. Adjustment Management will then process the same adjustment for each selected transaction as it did on the original pledge.


This functionality is only available when adjusting the following:

  • Campaign Code
  • Designation Code
  • Project Code (only if the new project also exists on the pledge payment account)
  • Solicitor ID
  • Sub-Source Code
  • Source Code
  • Tribute ID
  • Pledge Amount, Payment Amount or Credit Amount (only if the amount is changed to 0.00)

If other data on the pledge is adjusted, the option to view the pledge payments without adjusting them is still provided.

NOTE: This functionality is not available when using the Delete/Re-Enter Transaction or Adjust A Processed Batch adjustment types.