You Won't Want to Miss These Sessions


The Virtual Users Group Conference Agenda has tons of great content that will teach you how to get your work done more easily. Below are two sessions that will prove to be incredibly useful for you.

Data Management
Clean data is the foundation of everything you do. Building campaigns on a foundation of spotty data will not only require extra work, but it will also output an unreliable final product. Instead, get a solid start from the beginning by ensuring your data is as clean and useful as possible. Learn how to do this in the Managing Your Data - Duplicate Algorithms & Merge Processing session being hosted in Track 1 on Thursday, April 18th at 2:05 PM EST. In this session, you'll learn how to track changes and integrate your business rules within ENTERPRISE, so that you can finally put an end to duplicate accounts and cut the cost of sending appeals, newsletters, and marketing materials to the same people.

Automatic Alerts and Reminders
Speed up your workflow and save time by putting automatic alerts and reminders in place. The Notifications, Quick Stats & Customer Service session occurring in Track 2 on Wednesday, April 17th at 3:35 PM EST will review existing QuickStat options and teach you how to customize QuickStats to manage your initiatives more effectively and help you reach your overall campaign goals more easily.

To see detailed descriptions of other sessions, visit the Agenda page on the Virtual Conference Website.