It's 2019, and the average UW Andar database is <50 gigabytes and can be backed up in 20 minutes or less! An SQL backup can be done in SQL or a by a backup program that has an SQL agent. Take the next five minutes to get a quick refresher of different backup options and assess whether you (and your SQL database) are on the right track.

Virtual Servers
Many organizations now use virtual servers, and the backup is accomplished via a VM snapshot. ANDAR & SQL don’t know a backup has been done if an SQL agent wasn't used. Because of this, there's an option in Andar to turn off the backup warning.

Incremental Backups
To “save time” some organizations will do an incremental SQL backup. Increments are like links in a chain, and if one increment is missing or corrupt, you will not be able to restore the database with integrity. Incremental backups should be avoided and do not count towards Andar’s seven-day warning limit.

Log File Shipping
Some organizations have sophisticated database backups using replication or Log file shipping where each transaction is copied to another remote server across the country or even in another country.

Ultimately, the frequency of backups is really up to you. The spectrum ranges from no backups to 15-minute backups. Each comes with a price, and it's often said, "You can pay now or pay later."

Until you test an actual restoration of your database, you’ll never be 100% sure you have a proper backup -- don't risk learning that after a disaster strikes! And remember, always take your backup to a secure off-site location to guard against fire, theft or flood.