Andar collects a lot of data and creates logs of executed jobs so you can understand the details of how the job was completed. Whenever you run reports, the report is also stored in the Andar database and kept there. You should keep some reports, like payout reports, for a few years. To help with this, Andar gives you the option to save payout reports to your file server. Get instructions on how to set your preferences in Customer Support.

In other instances, you can keep different reports by clicking the “archive” button. Plus, Andar can also track every web page (in e-Pledge, e-Volunteer, etc.) visited by your constituents so that you can use the data to make strategic marketing communication decisions.

As you can imagine, after a few months, you may easily have a lot of reports and log files in your database. You should schedule a cleanup so that all old information can be deleted to free up space. You can determine what "old" is by identifying a specific date.

Schedule a Cleanup