Improve Your Internal Communications by Using Profile Reports

Profile Reports display a variety of information from company and individual accounts into a Word document for a quick and customizable overview of your prospects and donors. You choose from a list of data points what information is included on your Profile and in what order. You can set up multiple Profiles for different purposes — participating workplaces, prospective workplaces, leadership donors, individual prospects, board members, and more. They are helpful references that be shared with your internal and volunteer leaders to familiarize them with donors and prospects before meetings, calls, and events.

To create or update a Profile, go to the Code Tables then to the Profile Codes (FRPRTAB) Table. To edit an existing profile, choose the Profile and click on Detail at the top of the window to open that Profile. Or add a new Profile using the New button at the top of the window.

In this example, we will edit an existing company profile with the addition of Company Contacts. With the Profile Detail open, click on New at the top of the window to add a new data point to the Profile. In the Report pick list, choose Company Contacts. You can drag and drop the Company Contacts row to place it in a different position on the Profile; then Save your changes.


To run your Profile, open a company account. (Profiles can also be run for individual accounts.) Then go to File > Profile. In the Create Donor Profile pop up window, choose the Profile you want to run. The Profile will open Word on your computer and build the Profile displaying the data points you or your ENTERPRISE administrator set up in the Code Tables. You can then edit, save, print, and share your Profile document.

Need help setting up your Profiles or interested in a more custom report? Let us know.