One Button Gives You Access to All of a Donor's Benefits

You can easily find all of a donor's benefits — acknowledgements, premiums, and publications — with one click in Account Management. The Benefit Management button is found on the Financial Summary page next to the 5 Year Financial Summary. The conversation bubble on the Benefit Management button tells you that this account received or is receiving benefits. Click the button to open the Benefit Management Inquiry window.


The Benefit Management Inquiry window will open a list of all acknowledgement, premium, and publication benefits that this donor received during their giving lifetime. You can use the Selection Criteria at the bottom of the window to search for specific benefits.


Click on any Credit Date to open the Transaction Detail for the transaction associated with that benefit. Click on any Benefit Code to see more information about that benefit such as the fair market value, processed date, program information from the transaction, and benefit inventory information.