Don't Wait for Your Campaign Roll - Follow These Steps to Manage Early Campaign Gifts

Early Gift

Do you ever receive multi-year pledges or gifts from donors? Or early gifts in the spring for your upcoming fall campaign?

These early gifts help to move the needle on your next campaign goal now and give you more time to target new donors later during the campaign. It's important to record these future pledges and gifts in ENTERPRISE. You can do this at any time even if you haven't closed your current campaign yet.

Follow these steps to set up your future campaign(s) to receive gifts:

  • Campaign Code - Create the new campaign code, for example 2018UW.
  • Structure Code - Create the new structure code tier by tier. For example if your structure codes are in the format xxx-yyy-zzz, you will first need to create the xxx structure. Then create xxx-yyy. Finally create the full xxx-yyy-zzz structure.
  • Campaign Record - Add a campaign record with the new structure code and campaign to the donor's account. The donor can be a company account if it is an employee or corporate gift. Or the donor can be an individual account if the gift is outside of the workplace.
  • Designation Eligibility - In Designation Management add new eligibility records to all designations associated with this gift.

When you roll your campaign this year, ENTERPRISE will see the structure codes and campaign records that already exist and skip them. So you don't have to worry about creating any duplicates in that process.