Sustainer Processing Patch v9.2.1.5

Sustainer Patch

When Sustainer Processing is scheduled to execute during the nightly scheduled maintenance procedures and generates an error during Gift Acquisition, the whole process stops and waits for the user to click OK at the error messages. This meant that any other schedule procedures did not run.

With this patch, what will happen is:

  • The scheduled maintenance procedure will show Error in the log file for the Sustainer Processing line, but any subsequent procedures will have been run,
  • The maintprc log file will include lines like the following:

WARNING ENTERPRISE generated an output file for this procedure. The file is "c:\entcs\output\maintprc_viewdata_20190211114552408000.csv".
Error Data Verification has failed due to errors in the acquisition data.

  • The .csv file listed will contain the rows in error, with some information about the error. Something like the following, where calc_lineno is the number of the transaction.

245218,,1,341,Invalid Percentage.,"Column=ppacqdsg.paypct, total is greater than 100%",284313,0,GFT

The patch, Giftacq4.pbd, has been uploaded to the Support Center. This needs to be copied to the ENTERPRISE installation folder for every ENTERPRISE user, replacing the current file.

NOTE: For our hosted customers, this patch has already been applied for you.