Track and Report Volunteer Numbers

The Volunteer Roles page in Account Management keeps track of the activities your volunteers participate in along with the time they give. New in ENTERPRISE v9, you can also track the Number of Volunteers. This is helpful for volunteer groups organized by a leader or company where you don't have all of the individuals' names or want to associate the total hours with the organizer.


Volunteer Reporting
The new report in v9215 reports accounts with Volunteer Roles, grouping by the Volunteer Role. You can opt to include the Address, Phone, Email and Gift history.


NETQuery Output
You can also see the new Number of Hours in your NETQuery output. When you have Volunteer Criteria in the query, choose the Volunteer Output View. Add the Volunteer Details to the output columns to display. Your output will contain separate columns for the Volunteer Role, Code, Start Date, End Date, Number of Hours, Number of Volunteers, Frequency, Frequency Code, and Status.