New! Make Changes to Gift Acquisition Layouts

Gift Acquisition has been enhanced in v9.2.1.5 with new functionality for closing acquisitions, allowing users to make changes to Gift Acquisition layouts used in non-gift acquisitions.

Gift Acquisition Close Button
A Gift Acquisition layout cannot be modified if a Gift Acq record using it was never run to completion to create batches; this required that users delete Gift Acq records whenever Gift Acq was used for something other than creating batches.

A Close button has been added to Gift Acq to set the status to Completed even if the Create Batches Step never ran.

Gift Acquisition Enhancement

You can re-open a Gift Acq header that has been closed this way by clicking on the button again, which will be labelled Open in that case. On Gift Acq records where the Create Batches step has run to completion, the button is disabled completely.