New Sustainer Enhancements

There are several new Sustainer enhancements in v9.2.1.5 and we will cover one each week. This week’s topics are on additional sustainer gifts and a new payment type parameter for processing sustainer payments.

Sustainer Additional Gifts
Gift Processing has been modified so that when a gift is entered from a donor with an active sustainer control record that (1) is processed within the sustainer’s membership renewal window, and (2) does not have the sustainer gift transaction type, the membership will not be renewed. The gift will be considered an additional gift.

Sustainer Processing Payment Type(s) Parameter
A new optional parameter, Selected Payment Type, has been added to the Sustainer Processing Maintenance procedure, enabling users to select only Sustainer records with specific payment type(s).

Select one payment type from the drop-down list, or enter multiple payment types, separate with a comma (e.g. VI, MC, AE). Note that if you enter multiple payment types, Enterprise will issue a warning message indicating that the code is invalid; click on OK to continue.

Sustainer Enhancements