New Reporting Capabilities Are Here

Several reports have been enhanced in v9.2.1.5 with various new columns, including primary email address, phone information, and new parameters. Read below for the specific reports and enhancements for each one.

Primary Email Address

Primary Email Address has been added to the following reports; Primary Email displays when the user opts to Include Address and Phone in the result set.

  • Committee Report (crrp_frdcsrep)
  • Donor Role Report (crrp_frdnrrep)
  • Related Account Report (crrp_frrelrep)

Committee Report Enhancements

Company ID and Company Name have been added to the export version of the Committee Report (crrp_frdcsrep).

Also, Phone Type/Phone Number and Email Address Type/Email Address have been separated into distinct columns in the export version.

Donor Role Report Enhancements

A new “Format for Export?” Parameter has been added to the Donor Role Reports (crrp_frdnrrep and crrp_frdnrrep_uw). Choose Y to format the report suitable for export to another application, such as Microsoft Excel (e.g. all fields on one line, no header or footer, etc.)

Notes Report Enhancements

The Note Expiration Date has been added to the Notes Report (crrp_frcmtlst).