New Sustainer Enhancements Are Here

There are several new Sustainer enhancements in v9.2.1.5 and we will cover each one, each week. This week’s topic is on the control’s Original Start and Next Payment Dates

Sustainer Control Original Start and Next Payment Dates

Original Start Date and Next Payment Date have been added to the Sustainer Control window.

Whenever a change is made to the Sustainer Control record (for example, the credit card changes), a new Sustainer Control row is entered in the database, with the Start Date set to the current date. This makes it difficult for a user to determine the true date when this donor became a Sustainer. Original Start Date will show the Start Date on the first Sustainer Record to make this easier.

Next Payment Date shows the next date when this gift will be selected for processing.

Sustainer Enhancements