New Enterprise Version is Available

ENTERPRISE v9.2.1.5 is here and includes a new Hourly option for scheduling maintenance procedures.

Scheduled Procedures Reschedule Hourly Option

A new option, Hourly, has been added to the Enterprise Scheduled Procedures window, enabling sites to schedule any maintenance procedure to run more frequently.

 Version 1

If you choose Hourly for Reschedule, the new Hour Increment field becomes enabled and can be modified as needed. (This value defaults to 1.) When Enterprise is run with the MAINT option (via SQL Server Agent or Windows Scheduler or some other means), as soon as a task with the hourly option selected completes, the next scheduled time (and date, if necessary) is incremented by the specified number of hours. (Note that the window has been modified to show the specific Time next to the Date; it will show 00:00:00 on any record where the Reschedule option is not Hourly or is not in use.)

For instance, with the three procedures scheduled as above, Enterprise ran at about 10:00 AM; after that completed, the next Schedule Date for Merge Processing is set to July 3 at 12:12:38, and the next Schedule Date for Address Maintenance and Committee Maintenance is set to August 3 (one month away). Even if Enterprise is runs hourly, it will not run Address Maintenance or Committee Maintenance until August 3.

 Version 2

Note that the processes run in this order: Date, Sequence, Procedure Name (descending).
Remember, even if you set Reschedule to Hourly, this process will only run as often as Enterprise runs in MAINT mode; to run a procedure every two hours, you could set Reschedule to Hourly, and create a schedule (in SQL Server Agent, for example), to run Enterprise every two hours.

We can help you upgrade

Let us take something off your plate, assist your outsourced IT team, or fill the gap from the ENTERPRISE expert who recently left. We can upgrade your ENTERPRISE database to v9 as part of our additional support services.
Contact us now to learn more and schedule your upgrade.

Download the ENTERPRISE Release Notes to learn about its new features, and share them with your ENTERPRISE team.
Here are a few things you need to know before you upgrade:

  1. Contact us when you're ready to download the v9 files. Your site's main contact will be able to download the files from the Support Center.
  2. Finish all of your in-progress Gift Acquisitions before upgrading from v8.10.1.1 or earlier versions. If you don't finish them first, you'll have to restart in-progress acquisitions after the upgrade. This is because we made some changes to the Gift Acquisition Data Verification and Load Data steps.
  3. Your upgrade scripts could take much longer to run if you do not regularly delete your completed acquisitions. Read more about this on the Advisories page of the Release Notes.

Don't forget to do a full database backup before you begin your upgrade.