Transcript of Video

Customer Success Story

Project: Online Pledges
Solution: Andar e-Pledges

Customer: United Way of Broward County, Fort Lauderdale
Featuring: Rebekah Osborn, Administrative Associate



It is a very digital society now a days, many things are online, however, if I was tasked with the responsibility to build a website, where individuals could go and gather information and donate if they wanted to, without Andar’s e-Pledge, I would not be able to do that.


What are some advantages to using Andar e-Pledge?

Advantages to using e-Pledge are the ability to personalize the site, you’re able to customize it to each individual campaign, you get your reports done in real-time, you’re able to really connect with employees and donors on a personal level. Everything is automated so it really works quite well in today’s digital world. Having a digital component along with paper pledges it’s increasing opportunities to reach out to individuals, you’re not limited with e-Pledge.


Rebekah Osborn of United Way of Broward County, Fort Lauderdale - e-Pledge

Above: Rebekah Osborn at the United Way of Broward County, Fort Lauderdale, FL office.


What are some benefits of using e-Pledge?

Using e-Pledge definitely saves time. You’re receiving information from individuals immediately, so you’re able to reach out, confirm information if there is a question you’re able to rectify that immediately, so that’s a huge time-saver right there. Also, at that point, you’re really maintaining information and making sure what your employee or your donor entered themselves was accurate rather than making sure it was accurate and then inputting it again.


How does this solution benefit your community?

The site is very intuitive, individuals are able to visit, the information is right there, they’re able to click through the site pages, really learn more, become informed, and it’s 2018! Everything is online and it’s just a really excellent way for the donors to take a few minutes out of their day, become informed, give if they want to, they can also come back to it and modify it, and they have more opportunity to reach out to us, and that gives us more opportunities to reach out to them as well.


How does e-Pledge help you connect with your community?

We can run real-time reports, we’re able to get information, and if we wanted to give them a call five seconds after we receive the information, if they provided that information, we absolutely could reach out to them for the a question, a comment or a thank you.