Ways to Navigate to Gifts and Adjustment Management

You can navigate to gifts and adjustment management directly from the Transaction Detail page in ENTERPRISE v9. From a Gifts inquiry list, for example the Gifts page in Account Management, open a gift to view the Transaction Detail. Navigation buttons on the top right of the page say Prev and Next. Click Prev to see the previous gift in the Gifts inquiry list. Click Next to see the next gift in the Gifts inquiry list. Note that the transactions you navigate through will reflect the gift order just as they appear on the Gifts inquiry page. If you applied a filter to the inquiry list before opening the transaction, only gifts that fit that filter will appear as you click Previous and Next.

A navigation button on the top left of the Transaction Detail page says Adjust. Click on the Adjust button to open the Adjust a Transaction page for this Transaction. Note that you will continue to use the file menu navigation to open Delete/Reenter a Transaction and Adjust a Processed Batch.

All three of these buttons can be made invisible or disabled in ENTERPRISE Security.