Assign Yourself to Accounts to Better Manage Your Portfolio

You can assign prospects and donors to a gift officer or other staff person in ENTERPRISE. Not only does this help you more easily find and better manage your own portfolio, but it can also ease confusion among staff. Your Account Manager assignment alerts colleagues that you should be the lead for and aware of all communications and activities with these accounts.

Account Managers are assigned in the Account Information section on the Roles page in Account Management. Both a Primary and Secondary Account Manager may be assigned. Note that Account Managers may be different from staff assigned to Prospect Management projects.

You can see the Managers or search for accounts assigned to them in multiple ways:

  • In Account Management, both the Primary and Secondary Account Manager are listed under the account name at the top of each page.
  • In Account Inquiry, add Account Manager to your custom inquiry selection criteria when searching for accounts. The inquiry results will display accounts where the Account ID entered is the Primary or Secondary Account Manager.
  • In your My Accounts list, see all of your assigned prospects and donors. Find this list by going to your My ENTERPRISE window > My Account Assignments.
  • In Selection Management, add them to your Logic or output fields. Look for the columns Acct. Primary Account Manager and Acct. Secondary Account Manager.
  • In NETQuery, add them to your Account Criteria or output fields. Look for the column Account Managers.