Use My Accounts as Your Home Base for Managing Your Account Activity

How do you find accounts in ENTERPRISE? Do you always search for them in Account Inquiry? Even those you that you are "assigned" to and interact with frequently? You can use the My Accounts window to quickly find your assigned accounts then view and update account, campaign, and project information.

There is a quick link for My Account Assignments on your My ENTERPRISE window. You can find it in the My Assignments and Notifications section.


The My Accounts window opens listing all accounts you are assigned to as the Primary Manager. You can use the Display options at the bottom of the window to also view accounts where you are the Secondary Manager.

You are an account manager if you are:

  1. the staff contact assigned to a company in the Contacts on the Company page,
  2. a staff person on the Staff page of a Prospect Management Project, or
  3. the Primary or Secondary Manager on the Roles page of an account.

From your My Accounts window you can quickly find your accounts, open Account Management, open Prospect Management Projects, open Campaign Management, change a staff assignment, and change a Prospect Management Project stage. This inquiry window is also customizable, sortable, and exportable to Excel.