Solid Technology Infrastructure for IT Teams


Solid Technology Infrastructure for IT Teams

How You Benefit

Overseeing the infrastructure of technical operations and tracking the technology your organization uses is what your world is all about. Spend your time managing your team’s goals, sourcing the right hardware for your colleagues and coordinating policies. Let us provide the integrated technology solutions they need, plus hosting services, database support, training for users, and more. Think of us as part of your IT team and reach out for help at any time.

What You Get



Good technology investments result in measurable ROI and are necessary to increase productivity, as well as grow your organization. Ensure your staff stays current with Andar Software solutions’ easy upgrades. Select the add-on features you need to fit your budget and reach your business goals.


PCI Compliant Security

Regularly monitor access to system data and have firewalls in place that create a secure private network for your donors’ information. Have peace of mind knowing that password rules, user authorization and authentication activities involving credit card processing all occur in a secure PCI compliant hosting environment.


On-Premise or Hosted

Choose the installation option that’s right for you by keeping your data in your in-house network or forgo investing time and money setting up hardware and let Andar Software manage logins, security, backups, disaster recovery plans and upgrades of your database and applications.


Integrations and API

For those customers with a multitude of best of breed applications, our API can be used to tear down silos and integrate these solutions into a unified technology strategy. Andar Software solutions natively integrate with a variety of programs like Salesforce, Microsoft Outlook, credit card processors, and wealth screening service.

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