Integrated Database for Nonprofit Pledge Processing Teams and Analysts

Integrated Database for Nonprofit Pledge Processing Teams and Analysts

How You Benefit

Your castle is your database, and you rule its kingdom. Obtaining information and entering it into the right places is vital to your role at the organization. You want a system that makes handling complicated information easy, quick, and secure while also adhering to organizational policies and special requirements. Andar Software solutions help reduce data entry time, are fully customizable to your needs and help enforce your data entry and security policies with ease

What You Get



Empower your teams to find donor information quickly with already built-in keyboard shortcuts, mouseless entry, and advanced searches. Plus, you can create quick links, customizable dashboards, personalized configuration settings, and custom security features to fit your needs.



Keep track of discussions so that the next time you speak to a donor, you can continue the conversation where you left it off. Make communicating easy and track everything in one system by using Andar Software's notes, communication logs, and Outlook integrations.



Learn how to customize your instances of the software to increase productivity by attending our eClasses, or get help from our support team. Feel comfort in making the support team your first point of contact for answering questions, resolving problems, and "how to" guidance.


Data Standards

The sharing of information is a responsibility of every nonprofit organization. Input the right information into Andar's solutions and eliminate data discrepancies by setting up records policies where needed. Also, add help instructions throughout your forms to ensure all input is correct.

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