Donation Management Software for Nonprofit Finance Teams

Donation Management Software for Nonprofit Finance Teams

How You Benefit

The financial health of your organization is your core responsibility. You know where your donors’ dollars and cents are at all times and fully understand that all the number crunching you do makes all the difference between a failed or successful campaign. You can leave your audit and compliance worries behind when you use Andar Software solutions to enter, manage, reconcile, and distribute funds efficiently. Plus, easily interface with other financial solutions to quickly export and import your data.

What You Get


Audit Tracking

Record integrity and accuracy are an essential aspect of your job to ensure compliance. Track and keep an audit trail of important transaction adjustments with our solution, and quickly identify what changes are made to gifts, when they are made and who made them.



Stakeholders are interested in knowing the financial status of your organization. Share reports with ease and in a variety of formats to fit the right need. With our solution, you can customize the content and export printable statements, Excel sheets, dashboards, graphs, and drill-down lists.


Credit Card Processing

Make transactions easy for your benefactors by accepting credit card donations. Our solutions are integrated with credit card processors so amounts can be entered and charged in one action. Or, if you prefer, you can mass upload gifts and pledge payments from an outside system.


GL Integration

Manually tracking down data between systems takes a lot of time and effort, and can be quite costly. Instead, let it happen automatically and have your general ledger information set up to integrate between your fundraising and finance systems for easy reconciling and reporting.

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