Use Quick Stats to Track Your Fundraising and Financial Figures

As you kick off your campaigns this year, set up your Quick Stats on your My ENTERPRISE window to track your campaign progress and successes or your key financial figures. With Quick Stats, each time ENTERPRISE opens, you can immediately see data like:

  • number of leadership donors
  • number of companies giving above a certain amount
  • campaign revenue to date • campaign revenue last year
  • amount of unrestricted gifts (RUM)
  • number of open batches
  • days until campaign or year end
  • and more

Go to File > Open > User Profile > My ENTERPRISE Configuration to change the Quick Stats displayed on your My ENTERPRISE window. You can display up to 10 Quick Stats and change them as often as you like. And each user can have a different set of Quick Stats to view the data that matters most to them.

If your numbers aren't updating as you'd expect, click the Refresh Quick Stats button at the top of the window. Also be sure your Quick Stat queries are referencing the correct campaign year and codes. Your ENTERPRISE administrator can help update these queries and create new Quick Stats. Or contact us for assistance.


You can also set your Quick Stats to our United Way Quick Stats to show you a comparison of this year's progress versus last year and restricted donations versus non-restricted. To set these UW stats, go to File > Open > User Profile > Configuration Settings. Find the My ENTERPRISE Quick Stats Flag (UW) setting with an ID of MYENTERPRISE_UWQUICKSTATS. Set this value to N for No if you would like to see the static set of campaign related Quick Stats. Save your changes.


Close and re-open your My ENTERPRISE window to see the static campaign related Quick Stats.