Introducing ENTERPRISE v9.2.1.5

Plus we can help you upgrade

The new ENTERPRISE version is here. It includes a new Close feature in Gift Acquisition, a new Hourly option for scheduling maintenance procedures, optional bank account encryption, a new Volunteer Roles report, and enhancements to several other reports.
Download the ENTERPRISE Release Notes to learn about its new features, and share them with your ENTERPRISE team.
Here are a few things you need to know before you upgrade:
  1. Contact us when you're ready to download the v9 files. Your site's main contact will be able to download the files from the Support Center.
  2. Finish all of your in-progress Gift Acquisitions before upgrading from v8.10.1.1 or earlier versions. If you don't finish them first, you'll have to restart in-progress acquisitions after the upgrade. This is because we made some changes to the Gift Acquisition Data Verification and Load Data steps.
  3. Your upgrade scripts could take much longer to run if you do not regularly delete your completed acquisitions. Read more about this on the Advisories page of the Release Notes.

Don't forget to do a full database backup before you begin your upgrade.

If you are an ENTERPRISE Express (hosted) site, we will contact you separately within the next few weeks to let you know when your upgrade is scheduled.

Upcoming ENTERPRISE Academy

Join us for upcoming ENTERPRISE Academy webinar classes. From July into early fall we have multiple sessions of our ENTERPRISE basics, Campaign Management, Prospect Management, and Gift Processing classes scheduled. Great for new campaign staff and those that want to expand their use of ENTERPRISE this year. Learn more and browse our updated ENTERPRISE Academy schedule.
ENTERPRISE 101, ENTERPRISE 102, and Gift Processing