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Your Andar/360 license includes a "Software Maintenance and Help Desk Support" section which provides all software updates as well as Help Desk support. The initial software system installation is included with the Andar/360 product. Help Desk is defined as "…providing guidance on how to use the software to those who have attended training by Andar Software Ltd. While no specific limit applies to the amount of guidance we will provide, it is expected to be reasonable and more or less similar to the average number of hours provided to other customers of similar size." For clarity, Help Desk Support includes "how-to" guidance but not actually doing the work for the customer or training the customer. Please consult our Schedule of Fees for additional Support options or visit our Technical FAQs for answers to technical questions.

Andar Software recommends that service packs be installed as they become available.

Customers may defer the installation of non-critical service packs, but when responding to a request for guidance or a report of malfunction, Andar Software may request that the latest service pack be installed as a pre-requisite for further support, if, in the opinion of the CSR or programmer, this may help resolve the problem.

Hot fixes will only be provided for the current released service pack.

Security Policy

The information and software maintained on the Andar Software Support Center web site is proprietary and meant only for consumption by Andar Software customers. In order to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to this web site, userids and passwords have been issued to contractual customers. Disclosure of userid and password is a violation of the security requirements of the Andar Software Support Center web site and could result in exclusion from this site.


Alert Projects

Project 193324
Urgent: Internal Server Error Message on Donation Page. We're having an issue with our donation page, and we're running a big Day of Giving campaign today. Can you please assist? This is in the Tomcat weblog: error.jsp: Session Id = 41BB8D1418B53333CF82901775C7BF89 The exceptions is java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/logging/LogFactory, Date = Thu Oct 01 09:45:57 PDT 2020 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/logging/LogFactory ErrorServlet - error id = ##1 ErrorServlet - request attribute details javax.servlet.error.status_code - 500 javax.servlet.error.exception_type - class java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError javax.servlet.error.message - Servlet execution threw an exception javax.servlet.error.exception - java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/logging/LogFactory
Project 105591
SAML and Cybersource jar conflict. java.lang.ClassCastException: cannot be cast to (xmlsec)
Project 99687
CyberSource Processing Errors, and Notice of Expiring (or Expired) License Keys for Simple Order API and/or for Secure Acceptance SOP: We are getting authority error messages whenever we try to work with credit cards or e-checks (ACH) through CyberSource. 1. One error occurs when working with pre-authorized credit card or ACH payments, or updating credit card expiry dates on billing schedules. 2. Another error occurs when working with the web pages that ask for credit card and bank account numbers. ("You are not authorized to view this page. The transaction has not been processed...") 3. Some payment transactions in Andar have the word "Verifying" in the field labeled "CyberSource Authorization Decision". What should I do with those?

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Andar/360 Service Packs

Current Installed Base
  • Release Count
  • 2021.01 122
  • 2020.02 56
  • 2020.01 16
  • 2019.02 29
  • 2019.01 8
  • 2018.02 16


Andar's PCI Compliance requires the use of software from CyberSource Corporation - particularly their Simple Order API and their Secure Acceptance SOP.
The following Andar/360 PCI Compliance Planning Guide is intended to assist the Andar Customer and its service providers in becoming PCI Compliant:
The following Set-up Guide contains instructions for customers who are setting up Andar and CyberSource for the first time:
To open an account with CyberSource, use the following link and complete the Sign-up Form (as instructed in the Initial CyberSource Set-up Guide above):









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