Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


The Andar/360 CRM strategy positions your constituents at the center of your organization. Andar's integrated database consolidates, into a single profile, all information about your constituents' involvement in your community and with your organization. Andar provides a holistic view of your constituents and offers indispensable tools for building strong relationships.

The key to a successful CRM strategy is an organization's ability to collaborate across departments in building relationships with constituents. Collaboration is facilitated when business silos are eliminated and departments share a common database. Everyone must work together, on the same platform, at gathering information in order to build a complete picture of the constituent. Andar/360 provides a strong transaction processing engine, and gathers knowledge from all constituent interactions—including donations, designations, event participation, communications, direct mail, volunteerism, relationships, interests, demographics, preferences, online activities, etc.—into one fully integrated database. Having all of this information accessible in your CRM system is absolutely critical to building strong relationships. Andar/360 is the logical choice for your CRM solution.

Executive Support

Stay on top of your organization's key performance indicators. Andar/360 provides executive dashboards that summarize information essential for steering the organization. The Executive Plus module creates custom dashboard items that inform executives and senior managers of strategic and tactical trends and opportunities. Executives can choose from a long list of predefined items including staff management functions, resource development progress summaries, campaign status information, workflow summaries, and other business measurement tools. Extensive drill-down functions are available for executives to delve deeper into information as needed.


Constituents are not all the same, and your relationship with each one is very unique. Therefore, your staff members need to view information relevant to each type of constituent and their unique relationship. That's why Andar/360 offers highly customizable profile dashboards where each staff member selects the constituent information to display. Furthermore, dashboards can be customized based on your constituent's relationship with your organization. Similarly, because corporate partners have a different relationship with your organization than partner agencies do, Andar provides different dashboards to display each type of partner organization.


Create targeted and personalized campaigns that get results using the extensive knowledge base already in Andar/360. Andar segments your constituent base using customizable algorithms to deliver a highly personalized experience through print or electronic media. Furthermore, the results of your marketing campaigns can be automatically tracked live, directly in Andar. These results can be analyzed, used in subsequent campaigns, and applied to your donor acquisition or retention strategy. Andar has the tools necessary for a coordinated multi-channel marketing strategy. Andar's highly personalized content management system (CMS) supports transpromotional documents, email and snail-mail campaigns, as well as a full featured web site CMS. Personalized URLs (PURLs) can be used to link your paper and electronic communications and to track responses online. Andar also extends your reach by providing highly targeted banner ads, stories, and personalized text that can be emailed or printed on documents such as thank-you letters, statements, and tax receipts. Similarly, Andar's Executive Plus module creates live custom charts and data tables that can be included in these various communications.


Relationships are built through a consistent and coordinated communication strategy. Andar/360 provides the essential tools to communicate with constituents and track the results of these communications. The most basic of communications, the telephone call or letter, can be documented in Andar and linked to all constituents involved, including any individuals or organizations that may have been the topic of discussion in these conversations. All communications involving a profile, whether individual or organization, are viewable from their respective account profiles. In support of this strategy, Andar's MSOutlook Connector module automatically uploads directly into Andar emails sent or received, as well as calendar appointments, and automatically links them to the account profiles involved. Andar's communication logs also have automated pop-up reminders that can be assigned to other staff members for follow-up. Andar's e-Community Suite integrates, into one system, the marketing engine necessary for a coordinated communication strategy, with a web site content management system (CMS) that delivers a personalized online experience.

Andar's CMS provides live tracking of constituents' interests and behaviors as they interact with emails, e-newsletters, your web site, or through personalized urls (PURLs) provided on printed materials. This accumulated knowledge can be used to further personalize subsequent communications. Andar's easy-to-use authoring tool delivers prompt and current information to your web site with just a few clicks. Andar also includes a powerful survey tool to collect valuable information about your community and/or specific constituents. The results of surveys are stored directly in the Andar database and linked to the constituent profile. This information can be data mined and used in various communication campaigns.

The Process

"Process" plays a critical role in CRM. Much of what goes on within an organization can be represented as a flowchart of tasks. A typical CRM implementation involves refining and documenting the organization's processes in order to improve efficiencies, customer service, and relationship building efforts. With Andar/360, each task is documented and then organized into flowcharts, known as workflows in Andar, with task interdependencies and decision points. These workflows can then be assigned to one or more constituents and managed (or carried out) by specific staff members. Milestones and reminders ensure that the right people are kept informed of real-time progress. The fundraising process must be adaptable to changes that arise in the relationship with the constituent. Andar prospect codes define the relationship development stages and apply a rating system to quantify linkage, ability, interest, and touch-points, and therefore measure the relationship building process. Andar provides to-do lists, sales funnels, and prospect metrics that can be added to the account manager's dashboard to facilitate the development process. Similarly, senior executives can oversee organization-wide development activities through their own dashboards to ensure your organization's strategy remains in focus.


Andar/360 tears down the silos that prevent a successful CRM strategy. Andar provides business intelligence and fosters stronger relationships by building on the wealth of information accumulated through its transaction engine, marketing results, and various online communications. Andar implements CRM through the following modules:

  • MIG

    Provides relationship building tools, support for workflows, moves management, segmentation, wealth profiling, advanced dashboard features, and much more.

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  • MSOutlook Connector

    Provides integration with Microsoft Outlook. emails sent and received in Outlook are automatically uploaded and linked to all relevant profiles in Andar. Similarly, tasks and contact information are exchanged seamlessly between Andar and Outlook.

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  • e-Community Suite Base

    Provides e-CRM capabilities including an extensive, integrated approach to email marketing, targeted web site content with interest tracking, and constituent surveys. Additionally, e-Community engages constituents through a uniformly branded and personalized web site.

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  • Executive Plus

    Provides custom dashboard items in table form or graphically as thermometers and pie charts, as well as point, line, and bar graphs with point-and-click drill-down.

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  • Data Policy Manager

    Provides reinforcements to the CRM process and supports staff in ensuring data quality.

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