Fundraising Management Software for Executive Directors

You guide the strategy and direction of your mission. And you need a full picture of the fundraising activity that's going to get you there. Do you know who's talking to who about giving how much in your organization? Our solutions make it quick and easy to track your team and organization's fundraising goals and progress.


Your personal dashboards help you stay on top of your staff’s progress toward your annual fundraising goals. See summarized graphs, charts, and lists. Then drill down into the data for a more detailed view of the fundraising activities and results at your organization.

Mobile Access

You’re an active member of your community, so why are your donor and prospect records still chained to your desk? Now you can take them with you. Find contact information, enter post-meeting notes, run reports during presentations, and more.


You never forget a face or a birthday. Or do you? Let us help you remember all of the personal and anecdotal information you and your team have learned through CRM activities with our bio features and profile reports.


Set up notifications to alert you of activity within the database. Never miss hearing about the major gift you just received or the board member who moved away.

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