Fundraising Program and Volunteer Management Software

You take your organization’s mission and put it into action. Your community counts on you, and you can count on us. With Andar Software solutions you can manage your programs, recruit your volunteers, and measure your outcomes.


Volunteers are some of your best assets. With Andar/360 e-Volunteer they can search, register for, and share your events and involvement opportunities.


Publish, share, and manage your events with Andar/360 i-Attend. Event information appears online and in your database so you don’t have to manage multiple systems.


Create surveys to get feedback on programs and events. Responses are stored in the same system as attendance and giving history so you get a full picture of your supporters and programs.

Outcomes & Allocations

Streamline cumbersome allocation processes with customizable online forms. Then measure the community impact of your funded programs with our Outcomes & Allocations tools.

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