Donor Database Software for Non-Profit Application Managers

Your castle is your database and you rule its kingdom. You control what goes in, what comes out, and how everyone in your organization works with the database. Let us help make your job as simple as possible.


Workplace campaign and pledge drive spreadsheets, event attendee lists, volunteer check-in lists, call notes from your fundraising volunteers. We have a variety of import tools to help you get your data in quickly and easily.


What goes in must come out. Pick your report preference. We have printable reports, Excel exports, dashboards, graphs, drill-down lists, and more. Can't find it? We'll help you make it.

Audit Tracking

We keep an audit trail to track changes made in all areas of our software. So you can quickly identify what was entered when and who needs a data entry refresher.


Empower your teams to find donor information and do their jobs quickly and efficiently. Quick links, customizable dashboards, user configuration settings, and security features mean our solutions fit how you work, not the other way around.  

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