Fundraising Database for Non-Profit Data Entry Specialists

Data is your domain. You want a system that makes entry efficient, quick, and secure. Andar Software solutions help reduce data entry time and headaches while enforcing your data entry and security policies.


With Andar Software solutions you can customize your database experience. Shortcuts, dashboards, queries, user settings, security groups, and more fit the way you work, not the other way around.


Eliminate the he said she said with donors and colleagues by using our communication logs, customer service interactions, and Outlook integrations. Our solutions track them all in one system.


Our solutions have numerous security settings so you can rest assured that volunteers can only see and update the data you want them to. The same goes for colleagues in different departments.

Data Standards

Clean data in means clean data out. You can set up data policies for windows and add your own help instructions throughout our solutions. So you can eliminate your data discrepancies once and for all.

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